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A temporary voluntary initiative was established to coordinate efforts and support all serious moves aimed to provide relief to our people in Turkey and Syria from the great catastrophe they came through. Helping them to relief does not only mean meeting their urgent material needs or survival requirements, but it also includes helping them recover from the tragedy, getting them reintegrated into life, and giving them hope to continue their journey of struggle.

Who are you?

All those who are willing to contribute and participate.

Everyone can participate, even the afflicted people themselves.

Whatever your financial status is, whenever you have time, and wherever you are, you can support even with a kind word or sincere supplication.

We can carry out our duties of humanity towards our brothers, so we never know when our turn will come. Thus every sincere effort will be needed. Our role in the initiative is to provide the appropriate way for each one who wants to help our families.

Our Mottos:

1-      Solidarity

2-      Hope

3-      Mobilization

Our Responsibilities :

1- To coordinate the existing efforts and current initiatives and mobilize international energies to support them.

2- To provide basic needs, especially medical supplies, and ensure that they are delivered to those in need.

3- Paying attention to psychological support initiatives and recovery from the crisis, especially for children.

4- Paying attention to the technical aspect as a unifying language for people.

5- Reviewing and auditing the agencies operating in hot spots and issuing recommendations about the most effective and efficient ones for those looking for reliability.

Our Departments:

1-  Voluntary and governmental institutions and associations based on relief work.

2-  Volunteers wishing to participate from anywhere worldwide by directing them toward reliable existing initiatives and projects.

3-  The relevant official authorities ensure the legitimacy and legality of everyone’s movements and facilitate direct access to stakeholders without wasting time and effort.

4-  Those in direct need, especially of medical and psychological support for affected children.

Our Values:

Detachment: The campaign is not a burden on its activities and donors. All expenses are afforded by those in charge of it, and all its activities are zero cost.

Compatibility: We believe that difference is diversity, so cooperate with everyone in what is agreed upon. We strive to zero disagreements.

Neutrality: Our concern is the human being and only the human being, regardless of his location, religion, nationality, or color. Our goal is zero political orientations and is directed towards humanity in all its forms without other considerations.

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